Wednesday, September 30, 2009

CARTOONS of the WEEK: Michigan's Budget Deadline Looms - Two Different Local Takes

The News-Herald - September 23

The Press & Guide - September 23

With an October 1 deadline looming for the state legislature to balance the Michigan budget, from a regional viewpoint, this topic was a natural for both The News-Herald and for The Press & Guide. However, I also like to keep things locally/community focused with my cartoon commentary and there were two local events that were easily woven into this gag.

Downriver, a wonderful dinner theater production of "The Carol Burnett Show" allowed me to give a comic spin to the budget debate; while an annual "Haunting Experience" upcoming in Dearborn let me give the topic a scary spin.

A regional issue that's important to us all and two local topics meaningful to readers of each paper, all combined into a couple of cartoon commentaries - a local cartoonist can't ask for better material for inspiration!

That's the point!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

CARTOONS of the WEEK: Paying for Dearborn Parking, and Ecorse Investigations

The Dearborn Press & Guide, September 16

Metered paid parking has been an issue in Dearborn for more thank four years. These parking meter characters first appeared in one of my cartoons to lampoon the topic in September of 2005. Their quips won me my first SNA Award for "Best Editorial Cartoon" (seen below in "Off the Drawing Board") and I've called on them to make comments each time the issue has come up again.

That's the point!

Off the Drawing Board: When these parking meter characters first appeared in one of my cartoons, in 2005, they sported arms because they were necessary to the gag. Their latest appearance is without arms - for the very same reason!

The News-Herald, September 16
I made my first editorial cartoon comments about Ecorse's financial woes more than 20 years ago, when the city was the first in Michigan to enter receivership. In the subsequent years, the town's offered plenty of additional cartoon material - right up to this week! Who needs Kwame and the Detroit City Council? ... there's plenty of inspiration in our own backyard!

That's the point!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


The News-Herald - Wednesday, September 9

The Dearborn Press & Guide - Wednesday, September 9

Back to school is the universal signal for everyone that summer's ended. For the kids actually going back, it means a return to the regimentation of classroom work and homework, and struggling to fit the fun stuff in between. For old guys like me, it means the days are getting shorter and cooler, and that winter's chill is just a couple of months away. No matter your age, this time of year brings a little melancholy and that's what my editors - Karl Ziomek, of The News-Herald; and Tim Powers, of The Dearborn Press & Guide, let me reflect in these two cartoons.

It's not all melancholy, however. There will, after all, be plenty of cider and doughnuts before we have to start shoveling snow!

That's the point!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

CARTOONS of the WEEK: A giant hamburger and help for an over-stressed animal shelter

The News-Herald - September 2
The "Man v. Food" TV show taping at Mallie's, featuring a 185.6 lb hamburger, gave me the perfect chance to cast Wimpy, of Popeye (and Thimble Theater) fame, in a local editorial cartoon; and the opportunity to pay tribute to one of my favorite Golden Age cartoonists - Popeye's creator, E.C. Seger.
That's the point!

The Press & Guide - September 2
After the story of the chihauhau dogs found in a Dearborn home just a month ago, more than two dozen cats were found in an abandoned Dearborn home this past week. The result is a seriously over-crowded and stressed Dearborn Animal Shelter. I took the opportunity to support the shelter and solicit help with this week's cartoon - and I took the opportunity to pay tribute to some more of my favorite cartoonists!
That's the point!