Thursday, September 20, 2012

CARTOON of the DAY: Sports Injury

The News-Herald - September 16
So, you think the guys who lace it up and tape it up, and collide between the lines of the gridiron every week are the ONLY ones who face debilitating injury? Well, think again, pal ... there's plenty of danger to those who sacrifice their bodies on couches and recliners throughout America between now and February 2013! That's the Point!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

CARTOON of the DAY: Constitutionally Speaking

Crain's Detroit Business - September 3
Every 16 years, the citizens of Michigan have the opportunity to hold a Constitutional Convention to review and update (if necessary) our state's foundational document - in accordance with the State Constitution itself. Two years ago, voters opted not to hold a Constitutional Convention, but here we are 24 months later, with four ballot proposals aimed at doing what? Amending the State Constitution! Without judging the validity of the individual proposals, it seems to me that if the State Constitution needs that much tweaking, let's hold a Constitutional Convention and bring the whole darn thing into the 21st Century.
That's the Point!

Off the Drawing Board: My roughs to my Crain's Detroit Business editor for September 3 focused on aspects of the upcoming election. As you can see, the rough we developed for this week's edition started a little differently. For the final, I thought it had more impact to show four "ballot proposal" characters (almost implying that the State Constitution is out numbered); but I switched the dialogue to the State Constitution character, to give it a stronger (somewhat defiant) tone to its challengers.
- DS

Monday, September 3, 2012

CARTOONS of the DAY: Labor-ing Through the Last Holiday of Summer

The Press & Guide - August 29

The News-Herald - September 2
If you're like me, Labor Day weekend is a tumultuous mix of emotions - desperately trying to wring the last fun (and relaxation) out of summer, while realizing that the long weekend is our best chance to get a head start on fall chores that will begin piling up sooner than we care to think. Oh well ... fire up the grill and the power washer - it's gonna' be a short long weekend!
That's the Point!