Sunday, February 10, 2019

John Dingell, 1926-2019

The News-Herald
My dad worked on one of Mr. Dingell's early campaigns decades ago, when we lived in Riverview. I remember my dad hand-lettering placards for local stores, barber shops, etc. Later, as campaigns became more sophisticated, my dad remained a solid supporter - passing out handbills and brochures door-to-door and attending neighborhood rallies. It was at a neighborhood "block party" type event that I remember first meeting him, when I was a pre-teen. Throughout my cartoon career, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to meet him a few more times. Of all the political figures who've appeared in my cartoons, I believe he's the only one that I never lampooned. His integrity, his dedication to the people of his district, and his love of this county always guided him. Even if, (very) occasionally, I disagreed with one of his positions or opinions, it was nonetheless worthy of respect.

With his passing, I'm afraid we've lost the last of our statesmen; the last of a generation that understood that the political process is about listening, understanding and sometimes agreeing to compromise to achieve a solution.

This was a hard one to draw, on so many levels.