Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CARTOONS of the DAY: Celebrating Downriver

The News-Herald - July 14

The News-Herald - July 17
I grew up Downriver (a long time ago, back when it was down river - two words, lower case), but in my heart it remains my "hometown" and it's even more vibrant and exciting now than it was when I was getting around on my Evans Viscount. (... with chrome fenders!) In these two cartoons I had the chance to celebrate a couple of iconic Downriver summer events - last week's Wyandotte Street Art Fair (with some truly world class work), and the upcoming Roar on the River. If you're looking for summertime fun, you don't need to look any further than your own back yard!
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

CARTOON of the DAY: 'Hey, Mac, Is That You?!'

Crain's Detroit Business - July 8
The new Microsoft Store at The Somerset Collection in Troy drew a lot of attention at its grand opening last week - celebrities, VIPs and scores of PC fans lined up outside to get the first look at this first-of-its-kind store in Michigan. My editors at Crain's Detroit Business let me get a little crazy this week and speculate, "What if one of those VIPs was incognito ...?"
That's the Point!

Off the Drawing Board: My original concept for this week's cartoon had a little different setting, and a more confrontational punch line. With input from Managing Editor Jennette Smith, we evolved the setting to the VIP check-in table, and rewrote the punchline to play directly to the incognito "VIP."

My second concept for this week focused on Mike Duggan's write-in campaign for Detroit Mayor. This idea, and variations, will stay in the idea hopper - still plenty of time before the primary election for this topic!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

CARTOON of the DAY: Post-Holiday Depression

The News-Herald - July 7
I love summer and I want it to last, but so many people - from local radio announcers, to the lawn and garden department manager at my local hardware - keep reminding me that summer is half over! That's depressing ... don't tell me, OK? Besides, it's not about the calendar, it's a state of mind and I'd rather pay attention to the Beach Boys, "... we'll be havin' fun all summer long!"
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