Monday, March 26, 2012

CARTOON of the DAY: A Million Here, A Million There; Pretty Soon It's Real Money

Crain's Detroit Business - March 26
I've never been good with math ... that's why I went into Fine Art at Wayne State University - no math requirement. (... not that I ended up being any good at fine art, either!) So, forgive me if headlines with numbers confuse me; but when I see the deficit that Detroit is struggling with and the values of some high profile Detroit athletes' contracts, my reaction is "Huh?!" Hey, I'm happy at the end of the month if I'm running only a $20 "deficit" after I've paid the mortgage, tuition, an' utilities.
That's the Point!

Off the Drawing Board: A couple of alternative Crain's Detroit Business editorial cartoon ideas that I discussed with the editors there for this week. I still like the Department of Energy loans concept - you may see that one "recycled" sometime soon - in the spirit of environmental responsibility, of course!

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