Friday, March 12, 2010

CARTOON of the WEEK: For Sale by Owner(s)

The Press & Guide - March 10
It's officially the end of an era, with Dearborn Towers for sale by the City of Dearborn. Growing up Downriver in the 1960s, I remember how remarkable a community Dearborn was to us ... they had Camp Dearborn for recreation right here in town, and they had Dearborn Towers, where hard-working Dearbornites migrated upon retirement. While the community remains remarkable, times change and maintaining Dearborn Towers is no longer feasible for the City. Press & Guide Editor Tim Powers chuckled at my portrayal of Mayor O'Reilly doing double-duty as a real estate agent in this week's cartoon. And Mr. Mayor, I know a local cartoonist who'd be happy to volunteer to spend the spring in Florida, showing the property for you and his friends in Dearborn!
That's the Point!

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