Sunday, March 7, 2010

CARTOONS of the WEEK: A "Surprise" Candidate for Governor, "Problems" are a Matter of Perspective Downriver, and Early Signs of Spring

The Press & Guide - March 3
With a series of appearances and well-coordinated announcements, Michigan House Speaker Andy Dillon made official this week the worst-kept secret of the 2010 Michigan gubernatorial campaign - his candidacy!

The News-Herald - March 3
With the news from most Downriver cities focused upon budget short-falls and looming deficits, Gibraltar made news with foxes becoming a nuisance in the community. Many Downriverites, I'm sure, would prefer that kind of "trouble" to the financial kind!

The News-Herald - March 7
Some people take the first blossoms as a sign that spring is near. Hard-core metro Detroiters know that it isn't spring until the construction barrels bloom!
That's the Point!

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