Thursday, November 5, 2009

CARTOONS of the WEEK: Some Seasonal Silliness and Election Season Silliness

The News-Herald - November 4
OK, I admit it, sometimes I'm inspired to just do something silly. And sometimes my editor, Karl Ziomek, actually lets one get into print. This idea came from a personal experience on Halloween morning, with a last-minute stop at my local Walgreens. The Halloween merchandise was strewn throughout the main aisle, and all marked down 50%. However, just above it all, poised to take over at the stroke of midnight (I imagined) was all the Christmas merchandise! I couldn't resist ... on my way out, I took a Santa hat off a display hook and placed it atop a half-off ceramic jack-o-lantern in a personal commentary upon the seasonal "merchandising mash-up!"
The Press & Guide - November 4
In considering what kind of post-election comment for November 4, I realized that sometimes important local issues - in many municipalities - are decided (sadly) by the people who don't vote! While voter turnout in Dearborn and Dearborn Heights was respectable, my editor, Tim Powers, allowed me to take this tongue-in-cheek jab at voting booth "no-shows" nonetheless.
That's the Point!

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