Monday, November 2, 2009

CARTOON of the WEEK: DAC-Forest Lake Merger Makes the Longest First Hole in Detroit

Crain's Detroit Business - November 2

In discussing this idea with the editors at Crain's Detroit Business, we considered several different visual approaches. I offered that I thought the most recognizable "character" that could be portrayed is the iconic DAC building itself. My editors agreed, and we commented upon the affiliation between the Detroit Athletic Club and Forest Lake Country Club with this - slightly twisted - take on the partnership.

That's the point!

Off the Drawing Board: This idea started very differently (see my original rough #3 that I offered), but the editors at Crain's suggested a more action-oriented take, including having a golfer - in full gear with clubs - showing up in the DAC dining room. Once we agreed that the DAC itself was our best visual (see above), we decided on the offbeat, somewhat unexpected twist of golfers on the roof that appeared on November 2.

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