Tuesday, October 6, 2009

CARTOONS of the WEEK: Funding local education and planning for metro mass transit

The News-Herald, October 7
Every school district depends on maximum attendance on "count day" to secure state funding for education programs. Downriver, in the Taylor School District, Randall Elementary School was visited by "Laura," an African elephant from a wildlife preserve, as an incentive to students to attend on count day. Editor Karl Ziomek and I thought it would make a great visual, and an opportunity to comment on the importance of the day to all the Downriver school systems.
The Press & Guide, October 7
School funding is a critical issue to every community. With the current Michigan state budget uncertainty, and the mis-aligned budget cycle of the state government and local districts, the funding challenge is substantial. Editor Tim Powers and I kicked around a couple of takes on this commentary, but agreed that "... out of the mouths of babes" was the best way to present this issue.
Crain's Detroit Business, October 5
Regional Detroit mass transit - or more accurately, the lack of it - has been an issue all my life. The "Big 4" ... the elected leaders of Oakland, Macomb and Wayne counties, and the Mayor of the city of Detroit all recently agreed on the formation of a Regional Transit Authority to focus upon real plans and solutions for the metro area. Nonetheless, I anticipate there will be some debate over who, exactly, gets to drive the bus!

That's the point!

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