Wednesday, September 30, 2009

CARTOONS of the WEEK: Michigan's Budget Deadline Looms - Two Different Local Takes

The News-Herald - September 23

The Press & Guide - September 23

With an October 1 deadline looming for the state legislature to balance the Michigan budget, from a regional viewpoint, this topic was a natural for both The News-Herald and for The Press & Guide. However, I also like to keep things locally/community focused with my cartoon commentary and there were two local events that were easily woven into this gag.

Downriver, a wonderful dinner theater production of "The Carol Burnett Show" allowed me to give a comic spin to the budget debate; while an annual "Haunting Experience" upcoming in Dearborn let me give the topic a scary spin.

A regional issue that's important to us all and two local topics meaningful to readers of each paper, all combined into a couple of cartoon commentaries - a local cartoonist can't ask for better material for inspiration!

That's the point!

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