Monday, September 2, 2013

CARTOONS of the DAY: Celebrating Labor

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My Dad and my Uncle Bill were labor union guys. They were auto workers when factory workers faced the most hazardous conditions, had to conform to unreasonable "work rules," and did it all at a rate of pay that barely kept their families fed. They were a part of the early days of the UAW organizing. Their names, and the names of thousands of others like them who said "no" to the unfair demands of bosses and foremen and "yes" to union representation, are not recorded in archives or history texts; but the actions of their generation set in motion a movement that recognized the dignity of labor, and the right of laborers to participate in the American Dream.

I'm the proud holder of three union withdrawal cards - Retail Clerks International, the UAW, and The Newspaper Guild - and I'm proud to say "thank you" to the generations that came before us. And to the generations that follow - remember that those principles are now yours to uphold and protect. Happy Labor Day everyone!
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