Wednesday, November 7, 2012

CARTOONS of the DAY: Assessing the (Post-Election) Damage

The News-Herald - November 7

The Press & Guide - November 7
It's time to assess the post-election damage. Not to our country, state or local communities; heck - our country has survived White House scandals, a presidential resignation and Congressional investigations, and is still (IMHO) the best place in the world to live. Our state and local communities have survived upset elections, bitter tax disputes and recalls, but we still call them home and that's where we raise our kids.

I'm concerned about the inter-personal post-election damage ... the friends whose friendships couldn't survive a partisan election race, the members of opposite political parties (or special interest camps) who forget - or ignore - the fact that after the votes are counted, we're all still Americans, Michiganians and fellow residents of our local communities who have the same collective best interests in the place we live.

So, today, shake off the "post-election let-down," get past that feeling of "Deja Vote," and celebrate our political system, our country ... and everything we have in common!
That's the Point!

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