Wednesday, June 30, 2010

CARTOONS of the DAY: That Time of Year in Taylor; Celebrating America

The News-Herald - June 30
In the city of Taylor, there are three seasons relating to local elections - the primary season, the election season, and recall season. How do you tell them apart? Recall season is the longest!

That's the Point!

The Press & Guide - June 30
This time of year, we're offered "July 4th Firecracker Savings" by clothing and electronics retailers, we see dancing Washingtons and Lincolns in TV ads touting "Revolutionary Savings!" on furniture, and we focus our own Independence Day celebrations on backyard grilling and beer consumption. Most of us forget that Independence Day is the annual remembrance of the birth of a great and noble idea; and the courage of the men who boldly signed the declaration that made that idea reality. It's OK to grill a few brats this weekend, and it's even OK to take advantage of a sale or two, just pause sometime this Independence Day and raise a beer in honor of our freedom.

That's the Point!

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