Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CARTOONS OF THE WEEK: Joe Biden slips, boosts Brownstown - where were all the Dearborn voters?

The News-Herald - August 12
In a Detroit area appearance last week, Vice President Joe Biden referenced a GM battery pack factory slated to open in Brownstown ... days ahead of a planned media event by GM to make the announcement! News-Herald editor Karl Ziomek was happy to have a national spin to a local issue when I suggested lampooning the VP's slip-up.
That's the point!

Off the drawing board: I don't often get to feature national figures in local editorial cartoons, so it was exciting to have the opportunity to draw the VP. I had to work on my caricature of him in pencil first - you'll see the inked "Joe" is more refined.

The Press & Guide - August 12
The Dearborn voter turnout - just 18 percent of registered voters - was disappointing to many, including me. Press & Guide editor Tim Powers agreed and I took this approach to highlight that point of view.
That's the point!

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