Monday, December 17, 2018

Cartoon of the Week: Sweat(er)ing it out in Lansing

Crain's Detroit Business - December 17
My dad was, at various times in his life, a Roosevelt Democrat and a Milliken Republican. Similarly, throughout my 46 years as a voter (never missed an election), I've voted across the political spectrum from the viewpoint of a unionist - I proudly hold three union withdrawal cards - the perspective of a small business owner, and now as a senior citizen collecting Social Security, carrying a Medicare card and afraid to look at my current IRA balance. I've seen a lot; including a president resign and a Michigan native son who never won a national vote become president.

But I ain't ever seen anything like this.

As we close 2018, there's been an unusual amount of questionable legislative activity in Lansing during the current lame duck session. I don't think my dad, the Milliken Republican, would recognize (or support) the current crop of elected officials labeled Republicans. I knew I wanted this to be the topic of my final Crain's Detroit Business editorial cartoon of the year; and happily my editor, Michael Lee agreed. My struggle - how would I portray the nonsense going on in the State Capital? I came up with this season twist - I hope it works.

My best wishes to you for a happy holiday season - whatever holiday(s) you celebrate at this time of the year - as well as hope and best wishes for a pragmatic, productive and civil New Year!
See you in January!
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