Saturday, June 29, 2013

CARTOON of the DAY: Let's Go Cruisin' Now ...

The News-Herald - June 26
This one's for all my readers and friends who will be Cruisin' Downriver today! Thousands of classic cars, bumper-to-bumper at times, cruising along Fort St. We had a different term for those cars back in late ‘50s and early ‘60s, when I was growing up down river (two words, lower case decades ago) … they were called “traffic.” Today, when they gather, it’s more than just a celebration of “Detroit Iron,” it’s a celebration of a past era, and the people we all were back then. Have fun, be safe!

Today's News-Herald cartoon pays tribute to two special people - illustrator/cartoonist Ed Roth, creator of the "Rat Fink." I never met Ed, but I honed my cartooning skills copying his work. The other is my dear friend (from St. Cyprian School days), Kurt Andrews. Kurt and I sat side-by-side for hours with our colored pencils, drawing cars - real and imaginary - mostly Funny Cars and dragsters, though. I never achieved the level of technical skill that Kurt had, but that never stopped me. 
That's the Point!

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