Thursday, August 30, 2012

CARTOON of the DAY: Tranquility Base

The News-Herald - August 29
They traveled to the Moon in make-shift rocket ships constructed of discarded appliance cartons and equipped with old bike parts and transistor walkie-talkies. The Moonscape looked very much like the backyard of 18022 Hinton (my boyhood home in Riverview). They were us - the Downriver boys of the 1960s, inspired by Neil Armstrong and all the members of the NASA Astronaut Corps.

We never made it to the Moon. Heck, we never made it into space. But we made it - in various vocations and avocations - successful because real American heroes like Neil Armstrong made us believe that we could accomplish great things. We'll miss Neil Armstrong, and all his fellow Astronauts as they age and pass. But we have the ability to pass along the self-confidence and inspiration that they gave our generation to the next one.

There's a full Moon on Friday night. I encourage all the aging Downriver boys of the 60s to take their kids and grandkids out to look at it. And tell them about Neil Armstrong, and all the Americans who reached and walked upon the Moon, and convince them that they too can reach for the stars.
That's the Point!

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