Wednesday, April 28, 2010

CARTOONS of the WEEK: Smart enough to know where the jobs AREN'T and no pain, no gain supporting Relay-For-Life

The News-Herald - April 28
Governor Granholm may want her legacy to be "the education governor," but even a bunch of kids can see that she's leaving the state's economy desperately short of those good-paying jobs that she's urging our educated graduates to pursue!
The Press & Guide - April 28
Leo's Coney Island kindly held a fund-raiser in support of the upcoming Relay-For-Life events in Dearborn and Dearborn Heights last Sunday. Congratulations to Leo's for the community spirit, and congratulations to all those community-minded citizens - like this guy - who "gave it their all" to support Relay-For-Life with a fork!
That's the Point!

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